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The story of Artie began with an intrinsic pursuit of a better life, to live every day as if on vacation. Delving into the rhythm of romance, nature, art, enthusiasm, and rustic luxury, this is what Artie strives to achieve. Over the past 24 years, Artie has been dedicated to crafting this lifestyle with a warm touch. We are excited to share this lifestyle with you, and we believe it is already on its way.

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Artie collaborates with top-tier material suppliers to ensure the utmost quality in our products. We carefully choose premium materials, such as imported UV-resistant PE rattan, renowned for its UV resistance, high tensile strength, washability, non-toxicity, and complete recyclability. Emphasizing durability, we use rattan with a thickness of 1.4 millimeters or more. Our products exhibit exquisite craftsmanship, allowing them to endure demanding conditions and serve not only contract and residential applications but also cruise ships.

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