Working closely with a diverse spectrum of globally renowned designers, from established icons to emerging visionaries, Artie has consistently
 elevated the standards of outdoor furniture design and innovation from its inception.

Jan Egeberg

Jan Egeberg is a distinguished Danish designer and a revered professor at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts. He is renowned for his remarkable biomimetic design approach, which draws inspiration from the natural world. His innovative work has been honored with prestigious awards, including the German Red Dot and the Frankfurt Design Prize. Notably, Artie showcases his exceptional creations through the TULIP and COCKTAIL collections.


Finn Østergaard

Finn Østergaard is a Danish designer, renowned as the "Master of Chair Design," and the recipient of the Best Design Award at Cologne Fair. His remarkable contributions to Artie's offerings include the TULIP and COCKTAIL collections.

Matteo Meraldi

Matteo Meraldi, an Italian designer and a European Design Institute graduate, earned a spot on Forbes' "30 Under 30" European creatives list in 2016. With experience as the art director for Ditre Italia and Varaschin, he is renowned for his keen eye in material selection and aesthetics. Artie proudly presents his exceptional creations, including the MAUI, CATALINA, GUYA, and CAHAYA collections.


Matteo Lualdi

Matteo Lualdi, an Italian designer, specializes in interior and product design, as well as art direction. His impressive portfolio includes collaborations with renowned brands such as Ditre Italia, Varaschin, and Calligaris. With a unique ability to blend interior design, graphics, and craftsmanship, he has made significant contributions to the field. Artie takes pride in presenting his outstanding creations, featuring the MAUI, CATALINA, GUYA, and CAHAYA collections.

Tom Shi

Tom Shi, a talented Chinese designer, is an alumnus of the prestigious Central Saint Martins College of Art and Design. His outstanding work was recognized with the 2005 D&AD Global Award, and he was invited by renowned luxury brand Hermès to contribute to brand showcases. Artie proudly features his exceptional creation, the CATARINA collection.