Since 1993, Arthur Cheng, the founder of Artie, ventured into the outdoor furniture industry and successfully established Artie Garden International Ltd. in 1999, giving birth to the renowned brand in the Chinese outdoor furniture industry. Artie boasts a comprehensive system for design, R&D, production, sales, and service, with a 34,000-square-meter industrial park and a production team of over 300 people. Each product undergoes rigorous screening and assessment according to the "21 STANDARDS."


After 25 years of steadfast craftsmanship and profound consumer insights, Artie introduced the concept of "Redefine Home—Enjoy Resort-style Living Anytime" globally in 2012. This innovative idea elevated outdoor furniture from mere functionality and utility to a realm of emotional and cultural significance, redefining the concept of outdoor furniture.

Artie consistently upholds the concept of original design, with a core design philosophy encompassing “beauty speaks itself”, “a truly great design is transparent”, and “following the nature rules.” In the process of original design, we focus on five aspects: ergonomic comfort, visual aesthetics, a sense of fashion and romance, decorative design elements, and the joy of outdoor living. These requirements ensure that Artie's original designs are both rigorous and stable while exuding rationality. In other words, the designs not only consider functionality and practicality but also aesthetic and emotional values. As a result, Artie's product garners significant attention in the market and enjoys the affection and trust of numerous customers.


Artie envisions creating a high-end international brand for outdoor furniture in China and making Chinese manufacturing a symbol of high quality. Our mission is to elevate human living standards FOR A BETTER LIFE.