NEWS | 36 Brands Exceeded 100 Million RMB During ’11.11 Global Shopping Carnival’


With the increasing expansion of online shopping, while more orders have moved to online platforms because of the epidemic, online shopping platforms ushered a new peak of turnover including outdoor furniture and other home improvement industries in 2020. Data shows that from November 1st to 11th at 10:00am, 60 million users participated in‘Tmall 3D Home Improvement City’, a preheated online shopping mall with 100 floors. 


According to data released by Tmall, from November 1st to 11th at 0:30, the real-time turnover of Tmall ‘11.11 Global Shopping Carnival’ in 2020 exceeded RMB 372.3 billion, and there were more than 300 brands with real-time turnover exceeding 100 million yuan, among which 13 brands exceeded RMB 1 billion. 188 single products' turnover of Tmall Home Improvement reached 10 million and 36 brands exceeded 100 million yuan, creating the peak growth of the home improvement industry this year.


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Post time: Nov-12-2020