NEW FREEDOM: Sustainable Modern Outdoor Furniture Collection By Artie

As outdoor living spaces become more popular, people are looking for furniture that not only adds functionality but also reflects their personal style. The latest series of outdoor furniture, New Freedom, combines simplicity, sustainability, and high-end design to create a stylish product that satisfies the needs of modern outdoor living.

New-Freedom-Collection2 New Freedom Collection by Artie.


Inspiration - New Freedom collection is an extension and upgrade of our original Freedom series, its source of inspiration is rooted in nature. Our designers start from a business perspective and draw inspiration from combining with the natural world to create furniture that seamlessly blends with their surroundings. The collection aims to promote a sense of calm and relaxation, allowing customers to connect with nature while enjoying the comfort of their outdoor spaces.


Position - New Freedom collection is positioned as a sustainable high-end product, achieved through the use of natural-looking materials such as imitation wood and slate, and a design that is both flexible and easy to maintain.


Functionality - The standout feature of the collection is the flexibility and versatility that it offers in terms of placement. The backrest of the sofa can be moved, allowing for different placement configurations, such as an L shape or a face-to-face layout. The natural imitation wood chassis design further enhances the sense of value and is more harmonious with the natural environment.


Design - The collection includes two sofa configurations, charcoal or beige, with a choice of slate or imitation wood tabletops for the coffee tables. The dining table and chairs feature smooth lines and contrasting colors, and are designed for commercial spaces with easy-care Taslan fabric and stackable chairs. 

New-Freedom-Dining-02New Freedom Dining Chair by Artie.

Sustainability - The New Freedom collection is eco-friendly and sustainable. The wooden base and upholstered frame are made from environmental friendly materials, and the fabric is water-resistant with TPU coating on its inner layer, offering a new perspective on sustainable development in the outdoor furniture industry.

Post time: Mar-26-2023