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Decent, concise, timeless, our Muses collection offers a new take on outdoor furniture.

Appropriately named, Muses collection brings variety of looks by different materials and different weave patterns with exquisite handcraft.




W:  75cm  /  29.5″

D:  55cm  /  21.7″

H:  30cm  /  29.5″

QTY / 40′HQ:  416PCS

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Muses Sectional Sofa - 02

Muses collection offers polyester rope with both fish net weave and string weave, and Artie’s reed resin wicker and peapod resin wicker. It includes sofa,sectional sofa, dining, bar, daybed, chaise lounge, swing, solar light,planters...Muses collection can offer you whatever you want for your outdoor living.