Golden Spiral

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Inspired by the scopperil’s gyrating shape, there comes this lighting design, which create a special lighting solution for users by using the aluminum frame with strong UV resistance Wintech brand wicker to build up the gyrating outlook of the product.



PRODUCT CODE:  D239(S)               PRODUCT CODE:  D238(M)               PRODUCT CODE:  D237(L)

Φ:  68cm  /  28.8″                                 Φ:  68cm  /  28.8″                                 Φ:  68cm  /  28.8″

H:  34.5cm  /  13.6″                              H:  42cm  /  16.5″                                  H:  61cm  /  24.0″

QTY / 40′HQ:  356PCS                        QTY / 40′HQ:  312PCS                        QTY / 40′HQ:  210PCS


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Golden Spiral - 01

·  Waterproof and weatherproof

·  Strong UV resistance for 3000 hours

·  Non toxic and no chrome powder coating

·  Providing three years warranty

·  Providing different color options for different customers’ tastes

·  Aluminum frame with Wintech brand wicker

·  100% human weaving by skillful craftsman

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